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Press Releases.

It is Ankara’s turn to take a step further

Idris Baluken vice president of BDP group in the Parliament27 June 2013. The Kurdish conflcit at its current stage and the continuing spread of a month long democratic opposition across the whole country requires a genuine democratic change and transformation in Turkey.

There was only one reason causing a delay in change and th e  transformation until now and that was the armed confrontation in the unresolved Kurdish conflcit. Today, we are not at this point anymore. We are going through a very important process that is  paving the way for the democratization in Turkey. The ultimat e solutions to the main problems faced by Turkey are only possible  with the democratic resolution of the Kurdish conflict in Turkey, including the perspective of the over all democratization.  <more>

Northern Kurdistan Unity and Solution Conference

Final Declaration

dyb-16-06-13-konferans-ahmet-turkOur Conference, in which representatives of various political, ethnic and religious groups participated in Amed [Diyarbakir] city on 15-16 June 2013, has taken historically significant decisions, and concluded successfully. We, representing all the different hues of Kurdistan, are sharing the conclusions and decisions reached after intense debate and discussion.

The Republic of Turkey has inflicted on its citizens the most severe oppression and exploitation as a result of its official founding ideology and unitary nation-state approach. It has not onlycoerced the Kurdish people and all the communities of Kurdistan to assimilate into a single Turkish identity, but also inflicted the same policies on Anatolian communities. Various Christian minorities, such as the Armenians and Syriacs, ethnic groups like the Arabs, Laz and Georgians and Moslem minorities like the Alevis have all suffered as a result of state oppress. <more>