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The Representative.

mehmet yukselHDP Representative in the USA since 2014

Mr. Mehmet Yuksel is the current representative of the HDP in the USA. He was born in Turkey and grew up in Denmark. For the last 16 years, he has been active in the movement for democracy and human rights in Europe.

In Copenhagen, he was a founder and active member of the Kurdish Youth Association. He later lived and worked in Rome,  Brussels, and London. His activities have especially focused on the Kurdish issue. Mr. Yuksel has contributed as speaker and/or moderator in several conferences and panels aimed at addressing and analyzing issues related to the Kurd’s in Europe and Turkey’s accession to the European Union. He has worked in collaboration with Italian political parties and parliamentary institutions as a representative of the succession of Kurdish political parties in Turkey: HADEP, DEHAP, DTP, BDP and finally the HDP.

Mr. Yuksel worked with several Italian organizations as consultant and mediator on joint projects pertaining to human rights and democracy. In this framework, contributed to the construction of grey water systems, drinkable water distribution networks, health and medical centers, shelters and other social facilities in the cities of south-eastern Anatolia, where the majority  of Kurdish population in Turkey lives.

Mr. Yuksel supported asylum seekers and refugees who were forced to flee to Europe from the Kurdish regions of Turkey and Iraq during the 1990s and early 2000s. He has also worked to protect and promote Kurdish culture in Europe, especially through initiatives in cinema and music.

Mr. Yuksel speaks Kurdish, Turkish, Danish, Italian, English and German, and has studied informatics and specialized in peace-building and conflict resolution.